Better Performance…for Free!

Posted on July 23, 2013 by Paul O'Dea

Better performance for free

You know the management meeting. Some helpful 'process-o-crat' suggests - 'we should introduce a performance appraisal system'. Even as I write the words, I start to get a pain in my gut. They don't work. They create frustration. No good comes from the paperwork they create. The processes they create block honest day-to-day feedback conversations. They focus on weaknesses too much.

People don't want to work on their weaknesses. Let's be honest – the reason we are no good at something is that we haven't bothered to work on it so far. Why change now?

I suggest an alternative.

  1. Ask people what they do best every day?
  2. Now ask them to send you an email on how they wish to improve that strength to help your company grow.

We can all be more of what we are, focusing on strengths might achieve business growth transformation and deliver better performance for free!


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