Discussing the Elephant in the Room - Impact on Business Growth

Posted on February 26, 2013 by Paul O'Dea

elephant in the room

The phrase 'the elephant in the room' is often used yet it's impact is less frequently talked about. Sure we can all play along acknowledging the 'elephant' but not discussing it. However I wonder what impact this elephant ignoring has on growing companies?

Here are some examples I've seen recently:

  • the CEO who can't raise funds for a great company because he's not investor credible
  • the founder who can't grow with the business and is holding growth back
  • the avoidance of difficult conversations around performance.

I am sure you too have elephants you know. So whose interest are we protecting? What Is the worst thing that could happen if we maturely and honestly discussed the 'elephant'? What might be the good outcomes? What will be the impact on business growth? Even the elephant might thank us!


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