Transform growth by celebrating the right stuff

Posted on June 09, 2015 by Emer O'Donnell


We’ve written lots about how building the right metrics into your business can help transform growth. It makes sense – focus on the right metrics or KPIs and good stuff happens. But when the good stuff happens how do we choose what to celebrate?

High performing teams celebrate success well. They intrinsically understand that to drive the right behavior you need to celebrate success. Yet we had an interesting conversation with a client’s team earlier this week.

We posed the question – “do you celebrate success?” They responded with a resounding “yes”. Then the CEO paused – well, he said, we celebrate new customer wins really well but I’m not sure we celebrate increased sales from existing customers at all.

Now in their particular business model winning the customer is only the start. Typically new customers start at low revenue levels and then it's the job of the delivery team to build that revenue over time. So increasing revenue from existing customers is a critical part of their business.

But they don’t celebrate it! They celebrate the new and shiny, but don’t reward the hard work that goes into really building those accounts.

So ask yourself, do you celebrate success and if so are you celebrating all successes or just the new and shiny ones? You could significantly transform growth by celebrating the right stuff.


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