Transforming Growth with Better Meetings that Start on Time

Posted on January 07, 2016 by Emer O'Donnell

Better_meetings_that_start_on_time.jpgWhen I was in college I had particular lecturer who had a reputation as a bit of tyrant. One term we were unfortunate enough to have a weekly tutorial with her which started at 8.00am. That’s pretty early for a student. Imagine our horror the first week when we rocked up at 8.05am to find the door locked! Yes that was her rule – turn up on time or you don’t get in.

At the time I thought it was unduly harsh but as I get older I have started to understand her thinking more.

We work with a wide range of companies. Each has their own style of doing things. Some start meetings on time, others don’t. But what does it say to the team when meetings regularly don’t start on time? How can a team hold each other accountable for achieving goals when we can’t achieve the goal of starting our meetings at the agreed time?

The act of starting (and finishing) meetings on time sends a message to the team.

  • It says – we value your time
  • It says – this is important
  • It says – everyone is busy so let’s be efficient
  • It says – we do what we say we will do

So the next time you kick off a meeting ten minutes late, stop and think. What message am I sending to my team?

Why not focus on transforming growth with better meetings that start on time.

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